Queer Eye has returned and we can find our beloved Fab 5 changing lives and having fun in the land of the rising sun… JAPAN! 

Netflix released Queer Eye In Japan on November 1, 2019 and it couldn’t have come any sooner. We follow our Fab 5 as they explore Japan and help some amazing people find courage and confidence. Though there are only 4 episodes this season it’s easy to see that Queer Eye In Japan is truly golden! 

Hopefully Netflix will be adding more seasons to their Japan adventure but for now, here are our Top 10 Moments from Season 1.


#10: Episode 2: Crazy in Love

Kan – Goes Shopping

This was an amazing moment when Kan and Tan France discover Kan’s chic inner style. Kan has spent much of his time back in Japan trying to blend in and be accepted by society. Tan takes Kan on a shopping trip and dresses him in some of the slickest outfits that not only frame Kan’s body but it also adds a sort of sophistication to his appearance, making him seem more confident without him saying a word.

#09: Episode 3: The Ideal Woman Kae

Kae meets Naomi Watanabe

During this episode that dives into what an ideal woman in Japan looks like, we are introduced to a famous comedian and fashion designer by the name of Naomi Watanabe. Naomi, Kae and Karamo Brown exchange a deep and personal conversation about self-love. Naomi explains to Kae that instead of feeling bad about herself and what people were saying about her she took that negative energy and turned it into fuel. She encouraged Kae to do the same thing.

#08: Episode 3: The Ideal Woman

Kae’s room transformation

Kae lives with both her mother and her younger sister, whom she shares a room with. Bobby Berk did an amazing job not only increasing the space but also adding a bit of Kae’s personality to the new design. Their room goes from untidy and full of clutter to an amazingly functional bedroom with storage for all of Kae’s art supplies.

#07: Episode 2: Crazy in Love

Kan meets Kodo Nihimura Monk

This scene is a particularly beautiful one because it involves Kan, Karamo Brown and Kodo Nihimura discussing their experiences with discrimination and hate. This exchange is climactic because Kan is able to truly express his pain without judgment and be reminded that he is not alone.

#06: Episode 3: The Ideal Woman

Kae’s self-portrait

Kae’s self-portrait makes it to our number #6 spot because it is revealed that she doesn’t like to draw her own body because it doesn’t fit the ideal Japanese woman mode. The fact that she mustered up the courage to draw herself speaks volumes on her growth with acceptance and self-image. She even admits that she likes the full body version of herself.

#05: Episode 1: Japanese Holiday

Yoko Hospice Makeover

This is the first time Yoko makes an appearance on our list and that’s because her episode has some of the BEST moments in the series. Yoko runs a Hospice and helps those transitioning from life every day. Her home is open to her patients and she works tirelessly to provide them with as much comfort as possible even if that means that she sleeps on the floor. Bobby Berk worked tirelessly to give her home a fresh look, an open space and most importantly a dedicated bed just for Yoko.

#04: Episode 4: Bringing Sexy Back

Makoto Cooks

Here is another first-timer on our top 10 list…Makoto the radio director and husband who NEVER cooks… EVER. His wife even admits that if she ever saw him cook for her, her heart would “skip a beat.” Antoni Porowski takes Makoto under his wing and teaches him how to make Omurice for his wife. Unfortunately, Makoto’s Omurice Rice doesn’t come out as clean as Antoni’s but the fact that he tried and he and his wife loved it and ate it together speaks volumes on his commitment to change.

#03: Episode 2: Crazy in Love

Kan – Dinner for four

Yes Kan is here again! He has made it to the top 3 moments in Queer Eye in Japan. Watching Kan and his partner Tom have dinner with Kan’s mother and brother and the acceptance and approval given by his mother was touching and unforgettable.

#02: Episode 1: Japanese Holiday

Yoko’s Breakthrough

Our #2 moment from this season comes from the very first episode. Yoko and Kamaro go out to enjoy some gelato and while discussing Yoko’s relationship with her family it is revealed that her sister passed away and Yoko carries a lot of guilt. Kamaro helps Yoko accept what has happened and has her verbally agree to forgive herself. This was such a powerful and important moment for Yoko and she can be seen audibly sobbing in Karamo’s comforting arms.

#01: Episode 4: Bringing Sexy Back Makoto

Makoto saves his marriage

Finally! We have our #1 Moment from Queer Eye in Japan and it comes from the very last episode for this season. As we watch Makoto make changes throughout this episode he and his wife both reveal that their marriage is on shaky grounds. They are barely communicating with each other and there is ZERO intimacy. Towards the end of this episode, Tan realizes that this venture isn’t just about helping Makoto take his wife out on a date but to help him save his marriage. Makoto and his wife finally sit together to do something that they rarely make time to do …talk. It is through this conversation that they declare their love for each other and you see a sigh of relief that sweeps over Makoto.

And there you have it. Our Top 10 moments from Queer Eye in Japan! Are they any moments that you enjoyed that we missed? If so leave them in the comments below!