It’s the most wonderful time of the year at the Happiest Place on Earth! During the holidays at the Disneyland parks, the castle is covered with white sparkles, a massive tree with colorful baubles lights up the street, and the Haunted Mansion becomes a Nightmare Before Christmas! While you’re taking in the sights of the seasonal decor and smells of gingerbread cookies, you can dress to impress with a Disneybound! Here’s a collection of ideas that you can use for your own winter festival attire!

A Princess with Style

The easiest outfits to pull off for Disney-loving ladies are from classic animated movies like Beauty and the Beast and Frozen, respectively, with costumes from scenes in those films that take place in the winter time! While @curse_ten is dressed in a fluffy cloak and pink business casual to represent Belle during her snowball fight, @teatraybat and @briannacherrycosplay take on Elsa and Anna with a modern look. These are styled in ways that are both cute and comfortable, perfect for a day in the park!

The Santa Claus Before Christmas?

If you’re more interested in a more traditional holiday flair, @madebymagic_designs’s look opens up an alternative perspective that you can pair with any photo op or thrill ride. The two options in this example, a decorative Mrs. Claus dress or a basic sweater, give off the same vibe in very different ways, but it’s up to you to plan your time and resources into creating the ideal outfit, no matter what your religion is!

Matching Mickey

Each year, the Sensational Six wears adorable costumes to celebrate the holiday season. An interesting yet niche Disneybound pursuit is to match your favorite Mickey Mouse friend. It’s the perfect opportunity to snap a photo with the characters and see their reactions! While it’s relatively challenging to find pieces that can match the outfit exactly, a little effort goes a long way if this is the route you prefer to go with! The execution of @madebymagic_designs’s Mickey outfit is flawless!

A Wintery Treat

While you’re tasting all the delicious treats in the parks, you can become the cookie! This is a super simple concept that is easily recognizable if done right. @sideshowfatlady and @madebymagic_designs show off two different ways to custom design a Disneyland gingerbread “wo”man. They also add on accessories like Mickey ears, earrings and bags that complete the collection!

Bonus: A Literal Tree

Who knew you could visit Disneyland as a Christmas tree?! The gingerbread men and the painted star are extra touches of pizazz too! @baileyboppityboo is doing the holidays right!

So if you’re heading to any of the Disney theme parks in November and/or December and want to visit in style, these bounding ideas may give you inspiration for a fashionable holiday outfit! If you have your own holiday Disneybound, feel free to share your merry apparel!