For many people, last night was the beginning of a new year. A fresh start in a new decade with new goals and aspirations. For us here at Level Ninety, the stroke of midnight meant launch day. 

When I came up with the idea of starting a female-driven media company in August 2019, I didn’t know what would happen on our launch day. Level Ninety (or at the time “TBD Female Geek Website”) was a daunting and yet exciting project. There were so many uncertainties with how this site would look, operate and communicate our mission. 

Now as we sit in 2020 with a small soft launch under our belt, I am now proud to share with the world everything Level Ninety is and how we plan on taking on our first year. 

Our Goal for 2020: Inspire 

Our goal for 2020 and our first mission is to inspire your geek side. Whether that be through gaming and movies or makeup and home decor, we want to inspire you to geek out over your passions. We know there are so many women out in the world who are driven by their love for a hobby or passion and we want to give you the opportunity to express it. 

Level Ninety is proud to have an array of passionate women who are inspired by countless things in their life. While we want to share or educate you on our passions we hope you will share yours with us. Our goal is not to be a mirror where we preach to women who agree with everything we say, we want YOU to tell us what you want to see. 

What to Expect from Us 

This week we will be officially celebrating our Launch Week on all of our social media platforms including here on our website. If you aren’t already following us, you can do so here: 



Twitter (Launching this week!)

While this may be our big launch day, it won’t be our only launch this year. Level Ninety will continue to launch many new and exciting things in 2020. From expanding our category catalog to offering other interactive means to be apart of the Level Ninety community. 

As our name suggests, we are not starting off at level one but we are also hoping to evolve and grow in 2020. We hope you are excited to see all Level Ninety has to offer and we cannot thank you enough for following us on this journey. 

We cannot wait to geek out with you all. 

– The Level Ninety Team