Do you get annoyed at having so many makeup brushes? Wouldn’t it be easier to use an all-in-one for to apply products? Tati Westbrook has the perfect solution.

The Launch Video

In her video on January 9th, she announced two Tati Beauty releases: the restock of the Textured Neutrals eyeshadow palette, and a brand new applicator tool, the Blendiful. During the video, Tati reveals the Blendiful and explains its uses, celebrating that it’s an “underrated, useful tool” that all beauty lovers should add to their collection.

What is the Blendiful?

The Blendiful is a fuzzy grey teardrop-shaped puff that offers a professional-grade tool suited for the regular consumer. With a round edge and pointed tip, this product allows you to blend your makeup on the largest and smallest spaces. It costs $18 for two applicators, one large and one small. On the Tati Beauty website, it is described as “a blending dream that’s designed to seamlessly apply & soften both liquid and powder products.”

How to Use the Blendiful

The Blendiful eases the stress of the collection of beauty aficionados. The large applicator is perfect to blend primer, foundation, contour, highlighter, and more with just a single item. The small applicator is great for hard to reach concealer spots, and on-the-go scenarios, such as retouching makeup that wrinkles throughout the day. With its thin, soft surface, the Blendiful is easy to clean through warm machine or hand wash.

What’s Next?

Tati plans to record several videos showing off demonstrations of her product. She mentions a tutorial coming soon where she applies a whole face only using the Blendiful. Since this will probably be a high in-demand product, Tati promised that a restock would be in order once the first batch is sold out.

How much easier would your routine be with only one item? You can buy the Blendiful on the Tati Beauty website here! If you do, tag @levelninety on Instagram with your looks using the new applicator!