Six years after this hit Disney movie Frozen, we are back again with the gang. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf are all back on an adventure that takes us far from the snowy screens that were iconic in the first movie to an autumn breeze just north of Arendelle.

Just like the first film, Frozen 2 broke the mold of a classic Disney film and turned it on its head. From the development of some of our favorite characters to the hypnotic music, Frozen 2 took us into uncharted but familiar territory.

(Minor spoilers below)

Going North

Frozen 2 begins in the past. We see the sisters with their parents as their father tells them the story of a magical place North of Arendelle. As he concludes his heroic tale, their mother begins to sing them a lullaby (that if you listen closely will tell you most of the plot of the movie.).

Soon the seasons change and we begin to see what our characters have been up to for the past three years since Elsa finally “Let it Go”. Everyone seems to have grown a bit since we last saw our characters in Frozen but not all is perfect. Elsa begins to hear voices and sings the first breakout song of the movie “Into the Unknown”.

And yes, this is the song you will be hearing for the next 6 years.

Suddenly all of Arendelle has evacuated the city. It is time to find the voice Elsa is hearing as it may be the key to save the city and find all her answers about her powers.

Personally, I think this is where our story really begins. Moving north into a mysterious mist we see our heroes take on their own stories. Without getting too much into spoiler territory, I found the remainder of the movie to be as magical and rocky as our new location. While there was more beats of the film I enjoyed from the mythical rock giants to the Northuldra people, there were some moments that left me perplexed.

Lost in the Music

Some of the magic of Disney movies is music. Like the songs, we sing in the car on a road trip with friends to Disneyland. And while Frozen 2 had plenty of those songs to add to your playlist, I found some of them did not translate well to the big screen.

While many of us were dreaming of the moment when Jonathan Groff had his own song in this movie, I found his song in the film to be…confusing. I loved listening to it on the soundtrack (in fact, I am listening to it now while I am writing this article) when the time came to hear Kristoff’s 80’s ballad “Lost in the Woods” I was taken away from the overall story. While the fun parody of an 80’s music video, it just took me away from the real story.

The only other song I was personally not a fan of was Olaf’s tune “When I’m Older”. I think a lot of us loved his hot-season wishing song “In Summer” from the first film and knew he would deliver something similar in the sequel. I personally felt this song was very underwhelming and didn’t deliver the same witty jokes as the first.

However, Idina Menzel and Rachel Evan Woods songs were some of my favorite Disney tunes in the 2000s. Especially the passionate ballad “Show Yourself” that made me want to cry with Elsa and she discovers the truth.

Time to Let it Go

Frozen 2, in my opinion, is much better than the first film. It gives the audience everything they wanted and didn’t hold back. It put these characters in situations I never thought Disney would dare to and am glad they did. The emotional rollercoaster of Frozen 2 ends with us all wanting to rush back to the theater.

While I have a suspicion that we will still hear “Let it Go” everywhere we go, at least Frozen 2 has added new songs to their repertoire that we will not be able to escape.

Into the Unknown: A Frozen 2 Review
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