Has a YouTuber really caused the largest beauty “conspiracy” ever? According to the internet, yes. Definitely, yes.

Who is Shane Dawson?

Shane Dawson has been on the YouTube scene for years. Starting out with short comedy sketches in 2010, he’s slowly transitioned from skits to reviews, then conspiracy commentaries and most recently, multi-episode documentary-style vlogs that have gained massive traction on the site. Shane has finally found his stride with the docu-series that explore the lives and popularity of some of the biggest influencers on YouTube. In these shows, he reveals controversies, statistics, and life events that few channels of his size talk about in the open. Though not without the occasional social media chaos, Shane has genuine intentions and his content often hits emotional beats, even approaching celebs who aren’t in good public standings.

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a beauty guru who started out on MySpace with music content but left that behind to expand into makeup. Jeffree began his company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, in 2014 and in addition to the success of his YouTube channel, has sold millions of dollars worth of product and introduced seven eyeshadow palette collections. He’s been an icon of the makeup community since then. In 2018, he collaborated with Shane Dawson on one of the aforementioned docu-series in which they brought up the idea of creating makeup together. During early 2019, it became official that Jeffree and Shane would be working together to conceive what would become the Conspiracy Collection.

The Conspiracy Collection

The culmination of this year-long project resulted in two stunning eyeshadow palettes: the Conspiracy Palette and the Mini Controversy Palette, six liquid lipsticks, a clear gloss, lip balm, and various merchandise items, including mirrors, bags, and a tracksuit. The new series: The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star, illustrates the entire process of creating the collection, from concept to production to partnering with Morphe. Shane is considered the first person to entirely document the process of developing something to this extent in the beauty world from concept to release. It established a connection to the product that no other big company has pulled off before.

Because of this, Shane and Jeffree’s fans went crazy.

The Aftermath

Every site selling the collection crashed on release, not allowing most of the customers to purchase their items. When it finally was up again, the majority of the items were already sold out. Lines at Morphe stores were blocks long, with people waiting to buy what would be the largest release of the decade. The Conspiracy Palette itself was gone within three hours, both online and in stores. Jeffree and Shane earned over a million dollars within the first day only with the limited amount of product. Who knows how further this collection can really go? No one knows! Not even Jeffree!

My Experience

I was quick to jump on the opportunity to snatch the Mini Controversy palette at a Morphe store. As soon as I got the chance, I began to experiment looks with the available nine colors. My first attempt was a blue layering, using a creme “Cry on My Couch,” the light “Flat Earth,” vibrant “Cancelled” and deep “The Simulation.” The pigments easily applied onto my brushes but I soon learned that too much would leave fallout so I took my time to press on the surface more softly. I overall found it more efficient to apply the shades with my fingers so that the colors come out brighter and more crisp.

My Overall Rating

While the blues looked nice, they aren’t casually wearable tints, and several of the other shades are the same way. While the colors go together well visually in the packaging, pairing them on the eyes may be difficult for beginners to pull off, so I’d recommend tutorials to give insight on how to style what is given. In the end, I’m giving the Mini Controversy a four -star rating out of five. It’s a little pricey for an item with only nine colors at $28, but the quality is good, as is everything else that Jeffree Star has produced. If you’re a Shane Dawson fan on a budget or want bright colors for a night on the town, this is the palette for you. But if you’re a passerby and a simpler makeup lover, this is one you may want to skip out on or wait for the return of the more toned-down Conspiracy palette.

You can pre-order the Mini Controversy here.