Disney+ is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. The Disney marketing geniuses even strategically released some great original content that can only be found on this platform, and so far it’s pretty epic.

Side note, if you haven’t had the last minute of the first episode of The Mandalorian spoiled for you yet, you’re in for the cutest treat this side of Tatooine! The platform itself had a rocky start but is quickly being updated to offer features that showcase all its brilliant content.

It’s saturated with fantastic content from not only Disney, but Marvel, and National Geographic as well. All of these things are great, but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. So, whether you’re new to streaming or you’re a tried and true binger, this is a list of tips to have you maneuvering Disney+ like a seasoned pro. 

Set up your profiles.

Before you start watching anything set up that profile! Even though it may seem silly to set up a profile for you and your SO or children, the home screen really starts to populate with things they think you’d like based on your previous choices, so it’s worth it. PLUS you get to choose a cool Disney icon to represent your profile. 

Don’t stop at the home screen.

While it’s tempting to only rely on the curated lists on the home screen to pick your next adventure, it’s not advised. Unlike other streaming services that offer an immense amount of content with a handful really appealing to each viewer, Disney’s content is already very specific. So, if you’re already someone who loves Disney so much you subscribed to their streaming service, it’s also very likely that to get the most out of your Disney+ experience you need to visit the movies and series a-z list to find all the great hidden gems. 


Tap search icon > Movies or Series > Featured > this will open a list of options choose All Movies A-Z 

Streaming Device:

Choose MOVIES or SERIES on the navigation bar on the left > choose All Movies A-Z to really pursue all the Disney goodies!

Add it to your Watchlist.

Even better than going through the A-Z list every time you want to find something new, make sure the present you is looking out for future you. If you see something interesting, add it to your Watchlist so that you can find it quickly the next time you log in. 

Did you turn it off and back on again?

Being a new streaming service, Disney+ comes with plenty of bugs. So if you’re getting a lot of error messages or your A-Z list is only loading to the Cs try closing the application or turning off your TV and then go back and check it again. Chances are, it’ll work after that. 

Check the “D” section.

Some titles have been mistakenly ordered by the D in the title Disney’s [insert title]. So if you’re looking through the A-Z list and don’t see something you were positive was there before either search for it or check the D section before giving up. This will probably be fixed in later updates just like our next tip!

Continue watching!

This beauty wasn’t in the original release of the app, and boy did we miss it! Having to go back and find what you were watching and then sometimes exactly where you were was the definition of #firstworldproblems, but it’s here now as one of your home page menus, and it’s glorious. 

BONUS TIP: If you want to remove something from your continue watching section you have to finish playing the movie, so fast forward to the end. (Unfortunately, this goes for movies you’ve watched and all you have left are the credits, as well.) 

Use the Force, Luke!

We hope these tips will give you the confidence to use Disney+ like the streaming Jedi you are and that you enjoy all the little nuggets of nostalgia it has to offer. We’d love to hear from you, so let us know what you think about Disney+ and what you’ve added to your Watchlist!