Whether you’re shopping for a nerdy friend or loved one or you’re tired of being caught clueless when some ask “What do you want for Christmas?”, we’ve got you covered!

The Child Tote Bag

This customizable, medium tote with the adorable Child is brought to you by Disney! If there’s one thing all nerds need it’s a kickass bag to lug around all their geeky paraphernalia! $19.95

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Nail Polish Collection

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Collection

Lemming Lacquer offers an polish set inspired by CHAOS. This is a perfect way for the CAOS friend in your life to celebrate the new season of CAOS dropping at Netflix on Jan. 24th $90.00

Custom Gamer Tag Lamp

This lamp comes with a remote to change the colors and can be customized with your favorite gamer’s tag. You can find them in IlluminatedDreamz Etsy shop. Starting at $74.99

Chemist’s Spice Rack

When the chemist in your life also likes to throw down in the kitchen this lab-style spice rack from Amazon is the perfect gift. Just make sure they don’t get their test tubes mixed up. $44.95

Custom Socks

Picture this – you were late to work, you spilled coffee on yourself, they just announced the cancellation of your favorite show, and your phone just died, it’s safe to say you’re having a pretty rough day. All you wanna do is see the furry little face of your favorite pet. Well, Divvy Up has you covered. You pull up your pant legs and there they are – a set of socks with the face of your fur baby copied all over them. Starting at $24.00

16oz Cantrip Candle with Surprise d20

Great DMs are always looking for one more way to immerse their players in the world they’ve created. Cantrip Candles offers candles to set the adventuring mood with scents for everything from Coffee Shop to Brinewater Tides. Each of their 16oz candles also comes with a random d20 in the middle. $32.99

Symbolic Species Adoption Through WWF

Don’t just get them a cute plushie of their favorite animal for the holidays. Symbolically adopt an animal for them from the World Wildlife Fund. These 10” plushies comes with a card on the species of the animal, a photo and an adoption certificate and the funds are used to help protect wild animals around the globe.$55.00

Snorlax Switch Carrying Case

While your Switch carry’s your pokemon let a pokemon carry your Switch. This Snorlax case even comes with pockets inside for multiple other games. You can find this case at Amazon $20.99

Critical Hit Eyeshadow Palette

This shadow is made by KrakenCostmetics over at Etsy along with a multitude of other products all vegan and cruelty-free .$32.00

Pride Star Wars T-Shirt

Rep your pride with something on the nerdy side with this pride Star Wars shirt from Etsy Seller halfabubble .


Santa Filled Polyhedral Dice

What do you get the dice obsessed TTRPGer that has nearly every dice known to man? Why a dice set filled with tiny santas of course! This jumbo dice set is from Kraken Dice.


Princess Bride Lithograph Blanket

Lithograph takes the words of your favorite books, songs, and more to create artwork from that source. This Princess Bride blanket features Inigo Montoya… prepare to nap.


We hope we’ve left you feeling less like this ^

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And that you’re as excited by these items and the stores they hale from as we are. 

We’d love to hear all about your awesome nerdy finds this holiday season, and if you’ve got more nerdy Holiday gift ideas tell us about them!