Pop culture has become a huge part of our daily lives, from games to movies and TV , and even down to the brands we buy. Conventions are taking over as events for communities to come together from all over the world to celebrate that common interest. Many of us relish in the comradery and geeky culture while others spend hours on Cosplay outfits to showcase. Since PAX South just ended last week, here is our travel list to get you through any con.


First things first, whether you are staying local or flying out of town, you want to pack comfortable clothes to get you through the week. This doesn’t mean buy all new clothes! Pack your tride and true go to clothes for comfort. A must have are shoes that you can wear for long periods of time. These New Balance Fresh Foam Lightweight Running Shoe are just the thing to make sure your feet are ready to go on your second or third day of the convention.


Being inside walking around mingling and going to workshops is exhausting, so make sure to keep a reusable water bottle handy so you can drink and refill as many times throughout the day. This Takeya Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the perfect companion to carry around for optimum hydration. With over a dozen different colors, you can’t misplace this gem when wandering the exhibit floors.


There’s no way any of us are leaving without our phones, which means we need to be able to keep them charged for 12+ hours when going to a convention. Make sure to have a hefty battery pack and power cords to get you through those crazy lines. The Portable Charger 16750 RAVPower External Phone Charger Battery Bank Power Bank is just the thing you’ll need to make sure your phone or any other device is fully charged for all of your convention needs.


Whether you want to bring a jacket with you, or you buy something on the convention floor, or you just need somewhere to store your snacks, it’s a good idea to bring a backpack with you on your convention journey. This Dakine – Durable Construction Woman’s Backpack is just what you need for all of the items you want to take with you, but don’t have all the arms to hold them.


When going on a new adventure, thinking of all the regular sized items you use on a daily basis may get overwhelming, especially if you are trying to pack light. Some things that you can pick up in smaller sizes like toothpaste and sunscreen should be done to make packing easier. Or if you’re someone like me, who wants to bring their usual products but need to put them in a smaller container, meet your travel bestie. This TSA Kit With Bottles is the perfect size for the airport and will still give you enough product to get you through any convention you are planning on attending.

Geeky Merch

If you are someone like me, who wants to show off their geeky side, but still look cute and casual, finding the perfect geeky merch to match an outfit is key. Enamel pins are making a huge come back and this can bring out the subtle geek in all of us. These little PowerA Super Mario Bros. 3 Collector Pins will show off your gaming side, but still fit into any cute look you’re going for on the expo floor.

Final checklist

From the essential packing must haves to the quirky items that make you stand out, make sure to keep these great items in mind when planning your convention weekend. These items will help you travel easily and make you look like a seasoned veteran on the Expo Hall floor. With PAX South starting off 2020 with a bang, we’re eager to see what conventions everyone will be attending this year.

So, what’s on your must have travel list for a convention?