With National Lego Day that just past on January 28th, we wanted to talk about the new show, Lego Masters, that’s debuting on Fox next week. Lego has been a prominent toy for any kid growing up in the 20th century. This innovative building brand has become a phenomenon among kids and adults, with creative builds, new character creations, and friendly faces from our favorite television shows and movies.

The new show will have 10 teams of two competing each week to create the best creation out of Lego bricks to go with the weekly theme. Each week contestants will put their skills to the test to create for themes like ‘movie genres’, ‘space smash’, ‘mega city’, ‘story book’, and the final ‘mega build’ to win a cash prize of $100,000, a Lego trophy and title of Lego Master.

Unlike other competition type shows, Lego Masters brings fun to the small screen for families across America. As a child who grew up with hundreds of Lego sets, I know this is a show that I can watch and instantly feel nostalgia and urge me to create something new out of Legos.

If you’re a Lego junkie like me, Lego Masters will debut on Wednesday, February 5 at 9/8c on FOX.