When Jeffree Star said he had a new palette in the works, we were skeptical as to how it would compare to the Shane X Jeffree collab. Since his reveal video, he had received mixed reviews on the purple shades he decided to go with.The Bloodlust palette seemed like a smaller launch, but still lived up to our JSC standards with the five new gloss shades, velour liquid lip mini bundle and the crazy palette packaging. So we obviously had to go to the nearest Morphe store to check it out for ourselves. Here’s our first impressions.

The Gloss

The five new gloss shades were an easy sell since the gloss had done so well during it’s 2019 launch. The formula is amazing and these are perfect to wear over any of your favorite lipstick shades. From pink hues to bright purple shimmer, these glosses are the showstopper of this collection.

The Mini Lip Bundle

This bundle gave us all the queen vibes we were looking for. To the dark shades ‘Berries on Ice’ and ‘Clout’ to the two new shades he created for the launch ‘Royal Armor’ and ‘I’m Vulgar’, these minis are the perfect set for any skin tone. If you weren’t happy with the shades chosen in the eyeshadow palette, this mini bundle is your killer alternative for all your purple eyeshadow dreams.

The Palette

I was obsessed with this palette the moment the reveal video was posted, so I obviously had to get my hands on it the day it came out. After purchasing it in the store and swatching all of the colors, it’s definitely a wearable palette. The pink and purple shades compliment each other, and there wasn’t a ton of fall out from the pan. The one disappointing shade that I wasn’t expecting was ‘Vile Serpent’, I feel like since the blue blood palette had so many great blue shades, this muted dark teal could have been replaced with another dark purple shade.

Final Thoughts

This new launch gave me all the purple fantasies I was looking for from Jeffree Star. For this being a smaller collection launch, the items stand out among the other collections he has with it’s own JSC stamp of approval. This is a solid start to the new year and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for Jeffree Star Cosmetics this year.

BloodLust Collection Review
Custom PackagingNew GlossesVersatile usage for lip minis
Not as many collection items as previous releases
4.0Overall Score
Collection Items