As the first animated film in 2020 from Disney and Pixar, they did not disappoint with Onward. This story is about two brothers venturing out on a quest to get a chance to see their father, 16 years after his passing. With unbridled hope, they set out to find magical items they need to finish the spell to bring him back for just 24 hours. With plenty of fun characters, great animation, and a heartwarming message, Disney and Pixar have done it again with Onward.

Disney and Pixar Universe

This is the first movie we have seen in New Mushroomton, the once magical town that Ian and Barley live in is now succumbed to technology and the ever changing 21st century. The animators went above and beyond for this new magical wonder. The town is full of mythical and magical creatures from pixies to unicorns alike. You can tell the detail that went into creating this film with the details on Ian’s freckles to the magical villain made out of town scraps. Disney managed to give us those beautiful painted landscapes while putting the Pixar animation stamp on it.

Brotherly Love

As Ian and Barley continue on their quest, you can’t help but think of a sibling or a family member that you’re close to. The story brings the two closer together during their journey and pulls at your heart strings, to give that traditional Disney feel. The writers really took the time to develop the family dynamic and thought about the struggles people go through when losing a parent or family member. Ian and Barley are the brotherly duo we’ve been waiting for.

Board Game Inspiration

I couldn’t help but think about the detail to tabletop gaming, especially Dungeons and Dragons, when watching this movie. Barley, a well versed DM had plenty of experience with magic creatures, spells, and sorcery in the realm of gaming, but not struggled showing Ian how those skills can make an impact in real life situations. It shed light on gaming for this next generation and gives the viewer the confidence to bring those skills into the real world.

The quest to move Onward

This movie brought a new take on the typical Disney standard theme. It dived into the emotions that come with losing a parent, and finding the strength within yourself to become confident in who you are. The connection to a single parent home and siblings finding their way, brings a sense of home that many can relate to. All in all, this movie gives you action, adventure, and a feeling of home that is Disney standard.

Onward tells the message quite simply to move forward. What did you think of the new movie? Comment below!

Onward Review
Relatable charactersBeautiful AnimationPulls at the heartstrings
No cool theme songNot as many quotable moments
4.3Overall Score
Shout out to table-top games
New Pixar universe