Most of us are paying for a Netflix subscription, or secretly using Jeff’s account because his password is still BigPimpin1. I mean it kind of serves him right after he cheated on you with Tiffany, so binge away. Anywho, if you’ve logged on to Jeffie Boy’s account recently, you may have seen a new Netflix Original called The Circle. This guilty little pleasure is packed with all the drama and cringe of a high school Tuesday afternoon. While that may sound innocuous, take a second to relive those memories. I’ll wait…

Now that you’ve reluctantly remembered a high school Tuesday looked like a mix of Toddlers & Tiara’s and Cops, let’s talk about The Circle. This show is simply ridiculous. The premise: take contestant, put them in private rooms, and only let them communicate using a voice-activated social media platform. And before you ask, yes, the catfish are alive and well. So, without further ado, let’s jump into a list of moments that made us cringe on The Circle.

Emoji Dictation

It’s bad enough seeing someone get and unsolicited eggplant or peach emojis, but when the sender has to say aloud “eggplant emoji” it makes us “face-palm emoji”.

Red Flag Rebecca a.k.a Suspicious AF Seaburn

First off, I loved Chris! He was 100% himself through the whole game. But when Seaburn tried asking Sammie about him in an “all girls” chat and she had to tell Rebecca that Chris was gay, I literally screamed at my screen. If anything should have tipped them off to Rebecca being a catfish, it was this moment!

Again with the “emojos”

When Ed brought his mom, Tammy, along as his “one thing” I was sure hilarity would ensue. But I was not prepared for this adorable moment. Although having your mom oversee your social media flirting has to fit somewhere on the cringe-o-meter right?


I really think things would have gone much better for contestants if they had been themselves from the start. But nowhere is this more true than with Adam. When he said the word “aroused” in a group chat with women he’d only said “hello” to moments before, I had the same response as Sammie at the end of this GIF.

Or next contestant on Circle Cringe Central is Alana, and this particular move would have been a great exception to the “be yourself” strategy.

“The Skinny Queens” Chat

Alana decided to name a group chat “The Skinny Queens” and it wasn’t just weird. It actually made a few of the contestant immediately peg her as shallow. Weather that’s true or not, it sure didn’t help her stay in the game very long.

Cramps & Catfish

Talking about periods isn’t cringeworthy in the least, and the subject needs to destigmatize it ASAP. But watching Seaburn try to relate to the girls menstrual struggles as Rebecca was awful. Although, the support and concern from the rest of the group when Rebecca described pain that could mean a health concern was super wholesome.

And on that note, while this show has it’s moments that give you second hand embarassment, it also had a lot of funny, wholesome, and endearing moments. So do yourself a favor and go watch The Circle. Netflix took their time to revive a Big Brother-esque reality show feel and I think it paid off. So grab a bottle of wine and a friend and get ready for a weird but amusing rollercoaster.

And if all that wasn’t enough for you, I have news. There’s also a whole season of The Circle Brazil on Netflix with The Circle France on the way.

If there’s a moment from The Circle that made you gag, blush, or face-palm, we’d love to hear about it. Thanks for reading and happy binge watching!