Hello, Level90 peeps! As some of you may know, March is National Reading Month. While picking up a new book or series may seem daunting for some, a comic is a lot more digestible. So, I wanted to offer an alternative. The talented Skottie Young, known for titles such as Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Middlewest, and my personal favorite I Hate Fairyland, has dropped his newest gem with Marvel Comics called Strange Academy.

I’ve avoided superhero comics in the past.

To be completely honest, I usually avoid the Marvel/DC comic sections. I do enjoy the movies, but I’ve never been into the comics. But after reading Issue #1 of Strange Academy, that has definitely changed. After reading Issue#1 I drove to my local game store to get on the subscription list for the series. This comic really has a little bit of something for everyone.

Xavier’s School for the Gifted Meets Hogwarts

Honestly, if that headline doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will. Strange Academy is a place where nothing is what it seems. An entire New Orleans block is transformed into the sprawling Strange Academy Estate. At Strange Academy students can safely learn to harness their unique abilities with others like them. Just like Hogwarts, classrooms are equipped to all handle all different types of lessons. Which, makes it possible to study the cosmos, in the ACTUAL cosmos, from the safety of the Academy.

Meet Your New Roommate

There’s just something about meeting a fresh group of faces that have no idea what they’re in for that really pulls me in. From the faculty and staff to each and every one of the students, there’s a wide array of personalities. Although some characters go together like PB&J, others clash… hard. Which foreshadows either a long and rewarding road to friendship, or mutually assured destruction, whichever comes first.

To avoid any potential spoilers, I’ll stop there. If you’re a huge Marvel fan, or a newcomer, Strange Academy is just strange enough to appeal to a beautifully broad audience. I’m really looking forward to Issue #2 and continuing this journey with the faculty, staff, and students at the academy.

It’s safe to say, National Reading Month was a huge success for me and I hope that you’ve found something to help transport yourself into a new world as well. Let us know what you think of Strange Academy or any other Skottie Young creations. OR if you have other books, comics, etc that you think we should check out let us know! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few snippets of this epic read.