The game many Nintendo fans have been waiting for is finally out. Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s finally brings the beloved Animal Crossing series to the Nintendo Switch! And while the game has only been out for a few days, we have finally put down our Switches to tell you all the tips you need to have a happy and successful island.

Your native island fruit matters…Sorta.

Those first few days after the release, we saw an uprising of Peaches vs. Pears (both are wrong, apples are the best) but in reality, it doesn’t really matter too much. When you arrive on your deserted island, you will notice your island is home to a native fruit (cherries, oranges, peaches, pears or apples). For the most part, it doesn’t matter what fruit you have as much as it matters what fruit your friends have.

What we mean is if your friend has a different fruit from you, then you can sell your fruit on their island for 25% more profit.

So make sure you and your friends have different fruit so you both can make some bells! And you will need them.

Need a tool/recipe? Ask a friend!

While on release day, many of us stared across the rivers on our island hoping one day we could see the other side that isn’t the case anymore! Once you finish your first day, the Dodo Airport opens up allowing friends to come visit your island (as long as you have a Nintendo online membership which you should at this point).

If they are a nice enough friend and far enough in the game, they can come to bring you supplies like a vaulting pole, ladder and so much more!

Check the weekly “stalks” to make some extra cash.

Image result for animal crossing stalks

Every Sunday, a cute little Daisy Mae will come by your town and sell you some turnips. These are used to sell back to the Nooks for a little extra cash during the week. And just like the stock market, every day the prices will be different so keep an eye out for when is the best time to sell.

But be warned, by the next Sunday they will go bad causing you to lose some money.

Time Traveling is a thing. Use it if you want, or don’t.

Ahhh the heavily debated topic of time-traveling. Since Animal Crossing is played in real-time some island dwellers tend to get impatient. Well good news for them, you have the option to time travel based on changing the time on your switch! And while some would consider this “cheating” I say play the game as you want!

This is supposed to be a relaxing game that allows you to play how YOU want to. Time travel or not, Animal Crossing is not a boring game and will allow you to have plenty to do for days.

If you want to know more information on time traveling and how it works, check out this article here.

Go explore island and use those Nook Miles!

Make sure to stop by the kiosk daily in the resident’s center to not only get your nook miles but also grab a ticket too! Exploring mystery islands brings many new adventures from grabbing bamboo, rare flowers or even catching a ton of tarantulas.

Each island comes with their own adventure, even if it looks like it is growing your native fruit and flower, you may be surprised what you will find when you do a little digging.

Whether you are an Animal Crossing Noob or Pro, we hope you are enjoying the game that is keeping us all connected in a time when we need it most. What is your favorite Animal Crossing tip or trick?