With so much content in the expanse of the Internet, it is often difficult to choose what to watch next… You could go to a movie theater, or pick out a movie on Netflix, or rewatch a series you’ve seen twenty times…

But many don’t understand the true potential of YouTube. Millions of minutes are uploaded to the popular media site every day… Often these self-made creatives are underrated for the authenticity they embed into their videos, including 32 year old Anthony Padilla.

Who is Anthony Padilla?

In 2005, friends Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox founded the variety YouTube channel, Smosh. Smosh rose to fame for its upbeat, quirky, and relatable comedic videos. The channel would be the most subscribed on the platform multiple times until overthrown by fellow creator Pewdiepie in late 2013. The duo formed their own company under the same name with considerable success. Due to various conflicts, Padilla left in the summer of 2017 to pursue other ventures. Smosh continues to post regular content on multiple channels.

Origins of “I Spent a Day With…”

In early 2018, Padilla sat down with Flat Earth supporters. While this wasn’t what his earlier viewers must have expected, the interview came as refreshing insight. He continued into more discussions with subjectively humorous types of figures, including time travelers, alien abduction survivors, Matrix simulation truthers, “Brogres,” etc.

These groups usually receive negative first impressions from the general public. However, Padilla still set up his questions in an objective manner and listened to their responses. He withheld bias in order to question the beliefs of those who were normally suppressed or underrepresented.

A Change in Perspective

Keeping the standard of his first few interviews, Padilla expanded his range of unheard and unseen voices and faces. More than fifty videos bring these individuals into the spotlight, each theme reflecting a distinct part of society.

The tweet below is an example in regards to Padilla’s response of his interview on pansexuality. He asks for participants through social media who fall within the spectrum of the episode. His audience and members of the community are also allowed to input their thoughts on how certain topics should be handled before filming commences.

What is the Secret Power?

With this series, Padilla has tapped into a genre that gives him a very unique brand. It is a change from the satire of Smosh, as these videos intertwine education with entertainment. The boundaries of his guests are respected through a courteous tone and appropriate questions. Each participant gets a few seconds of notable on-screen time to promote themselves as well.

The interviews are revealing, informative, and unveil new perspectives. Padilla approaches various lifestyles, traumatic pasts, and biological differences with people who have first hand experiences. This helps his audience learn to accept that everyone who seems different should be welcomed regardless of how they appear or how they feel.

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