Level Ninety is a website aimed at providing female-driven geeky content for the subtle to super-fan.

We are here to break the mold of what a geeky/gamer girl is and empower women to be who they are without feeling like they have to hide a part of themselves. Studies have shown that females are getting more into gaming, comics, etc.

Our job is to bring a voice to mainstream media.

Founded in August of 2019, Level Ninety was created by Sarah DeeLane. Sarah was an off and on beauty/creative blogger for years who always felt like she was always hiding her geeky side. By 2019 she decided to take a break from beauty blogging and try something in the gaming world.

That summer in July, she began streaming on sites like Twitch and Mixer. Through the set up of her streaming persona RosebudMode; Level Ninety was born.

With a team of amazing geeky women, we hope to be the beginning of a revolution.

Think of us like Refinery 29’s and Rooster Teeth’s baby sister who is about to have a major glow up. We hope to provide a range of content for anyone interested in combining their love for lifestyle, beauty, gaming and more.