Kalie Cambra

Executive Producer

Kalie is an avid beauty connoisseur and gaming novice. She has been a part of the creative team since the conception of Level Ninety. She actively listens to numerous books on Audible, plays video games with her husband, and snuggles with her cat Boscoe while catching up on all of her shows. When she isn’t geeking out, she works for a local government's Parks and Recreation Department, and strives to become the next Leslie Knope, overseeing local preschool programs and youth commission, teen council.

Sarah DeeLane

Creative Director

Sarah DeeLane is the creator and founder of Level Ninety. After blogging in the beauty space on and off for over 8 years, She is thrilled to be able to combine her love for beauty and geeking out with other women. In her free time, you can find Sarah streaming on Mixer as Rosebud Mode. She typically streams games like The Sims, Planet Zoo, Zelda and many more. Sarah currently resides in Texas with her little Yorkie pup Lois "Lo" Lane (named after Lois Lane from Smallville). Her fandoms include but aren't limited to Disney, DC, Harry Potter, Marvel and The Sims.

Blerd Mom

BlerdMom is a wife, mother and hardcore gamer. She has her BA in International Relations with a Minor in East Asian Studies focusing on Japanese Language and Culture. When she is not gaming she loves spending time with her family, writing music and watching movies.

Martha Negron


Martha is thrilled to be writing for Level 90! She fulfills her geeky heart with a little bit of everything - D&D, board games, video games, writing, reading, painting minis, and more. She’s always down for a fun new hobby and spends most days chilling with her husband and their two cats, Elvis and Rosie.

Rachel Gilbert


Rachel is a student screenwriting major with a minor in English in her last year at Chapman University's Dodge College. She is also a playwright, librettist, lyricist and former Minecraft YouTuber. Rachel enjoys musical theatre, Disney, theme parks, tabletop games, makeup, dogs, and more. She's excited to start on this adventure with the Level Ninety team and share her nerdiness with other ladies like herself!